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My name is Jonathan, and I am a 24 year old sociology student from Chicago, IL. This blog will be discussing politics to every extreme, and covering many other topics including race, religion, and all social issues that are happening right now. Well known by my friends and foes, I am very liberal and an atheist. This blog serves as a resistance to the enslavement of our generation. Does anyone have the heart to stand with me?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Freedom of Choice

George Carlin, probably the worlds greatest comedian, really explains this better than anyone could.  There is no choice in America.  I will post more about this tomorrow.  Until then, really sit down and think about your role in society, and whether or not you have a real choice in what you do everyday.


  1. Very wise of you to let George explain it. I do wish he was still around, but instead he's screaming up at us. (Good blog by the way)

  2. He was one of the only people who said everything that needed to be said about life and society.