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My name is Jonathan, and I am a 24 year old sociology student from Chicago, IL. This blog will be discussing politics to every extreme, and covering many other topics including race, religion, and all social issues that are happening right now. Well known by my friends and foes, I am very liberal and an atheist. This blog serves as a resistance to the enslavement of our generation. Does anyone have the heart to stand with me?

Monday, October 17, 2011

We Are The Resistance.

Hello and welcome back!  Sorry for such a long absence, I was just overloaded with work over the summer and school recently, that I haven't had time to post.  But holy shit, there has been a lot of new things happening since I've been gone.  World-wide protests, a new war, preludes to other wars, more doomsday nonsense, and a disgusting display from our bought Congress.  It has definitely been an interesting few months, so I'm going to go ahead and cover the Occupy Movement that has sparked resistance throughout the western world.

Over the entire summer, I was very excited about hearing ideas of an occupywallstreet event in New York City.  And I must say I'm am extremely impressed with how it has evolved since its beginning in September.  Today, over 1500 cities have started similar protests and occupations, with one major demand - GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS.  The beauty of it is that we see people from all over the political spectrum coming together in solidarity, uniting to conquer tyranny.  Whether you want to attack Wall Street, or the Federal Reserve, the idea is that our country has been stolen from us, the 99%.  I personally think that we must go after both, with the root of the problem being the Federal Reserve.

For those of you who don't know much about history, or the Fed in general, I'll discuss its history briefly.  The Federal Reserve was started in 1913, created by a group of the country's most powerful and wealthy men.  They predicted and essentially created the first set of depressions we experienced in the 20's and 30's, while the members of this private group became much wealthier.  Fast forward to today, the Federal Reserve was responsible for bailing out the banks, with their first numbers coming out to be over $700 billion in bailouts.  We now know that the number is in the trillions of dollars, of OUR taxpayer money, gone to bail out banks - while these banks created the problems we're facing today.  The Federal Reserve is known to be working side by side with the banksters on Wall Street, and really runs a large portion of the government.  They have powers that trump that of any other branch, and much of the time they answer to no one.  Alan Greenspan went on tape to admit that the Fed (a supposed public entity) is truly private.  This explains why people get arrested for filming on their property.  The Federal Reserve also prints money, plenty of it, using that money to pay off our debts.  Any person with common sense can see the problem with that.  You print more money, the value of your currency goes down.  Look at the US dollar right now, as it is about to die.  The Fed has destroyed the dollar, which is resulting in a less powerful economic status of our republic.  All of this being a plot, created in 1913 by the richest families in the world, to simply enslave us.  Do your own research on the families and people involved - Rothschild, Rockafellers, etc.  There is plenty of information, even if you just search "Jekyll Island," which is the place where this monster was created...

As for Wall Street, their history is quite simple.  Banksters gave loans to people who couldn't pay back their debt, stole quite a bit of money on the side, made faulty investments, lobbied to government to pass their agendas, and let our country fall into the recession we've been experiencing, as they received bail outs and on top of it all, CEO's of these banks had RECORD BONUSES in their salaries. 

I don't want to get too caught up in a history lesson, because this information is available all over the internet - just don't count on establishment media sites to search for it.

I guess the point of this post is to express my joy for this new movement.  It seems people finally grew some balls, and decided to stand up to the system that has enslaved us for almost a century.  Despite numerous cases of mass arrests and police brutality, thanks in part to our VERY corrupt NYPD (and the $5 million dollar donation to them from J.P. Morgan), protesters are still standing, gaining more numbers everyday.  The NYPD may have the guns and the "legal power," but we have the numbers.  I would like to ask any police officer or member of the military, who's side do you want to be on when its over and we have won?  The side of the majority, the ones fighting for your rights and your retirement?  Or the ones who simply use you as the brutes, to do their dirty work, putting you in the line of fire?  And if you are involved with receiving bribes and "donations" to destroy our Constitution, to eliminate freedom of speech, and to trample on our rights as free people, you will be brought to justice.  History is on our side.  Tyrants fall, hard. 

In closing, I want to extend a word of advice to all who are actively participating in these occupations and protests.  DO NOT let anyone take this away from you, or co-opt it in any way.  The establishment is going to do everything in its power to destroy this movement, even if that means it infiltrating and directing its goals to satisfy the owners.  This protest should not have ANYTHING to do with party or political affiliation, because that is going to lead to massive separation and division.  The idea is to go after ANYONE involved with corporate control over government, whether they are republican or democrat.  Obama has continuously stated that he is in support of the movement, but not many people know that he is backed by the very people you are fighting against.  Don't let Congress, the president, or any other corporate puppet influence you.  This is your fight.  If you want to support political figures, support people like Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders, Dennis Kucinich, etc. who haven't let corporate America, or any other group, buy them.  All three branches of government are there to serve and represent the PEOPLE, not corporations, not lobbying groups.  When 50% of Congress are millionaires and only 1% of the people are millionaires, there is a very serious problem. 

Do not let tyranny spread any further.  The coming months, even years will be tough, because the establishment is very scared and they know that they are about to lose the power.  The only way to win this fight is through unity.  If we stand united, we will triumph.  We are the resistance.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Taking A Break

For the past month or so, I've been really slacking in keeping up with this blog.  Thank you to all who've supported me and my writing and ideas, but right now I'll be taking some time off.  I work quite a bit, and in my free time I'm usually so exhausted, its hard to write a well versed post.  Here and there I will be posting new things, but for now I ask that if you enjoy my blog, share it with others.  Spread the word, because I'll be 100% back in action come August, when I have more time to focus.  Thank you again to everyone who have read my blog, whether or not you agree with me.  And that being said, I leave you with this:

The only way to effectively engage and participate in politics is to think rationally and responsibly.  Question everything you're told by the establishment media, and fight for justice against those who are trying to destroy our world.  We must unite, and resist.  This machine is enslaving our generation, more and more every day.  Most young people don't care... well, you should care.  Your future is at risk.  Join the resistance I am pushing for, so our futures can be great, and our world can survive. 

- The Resistance.

Monday, May 23, 2011

This Is Why Religion Is Dangerous

While people do, ultimately, make their own decisions, Harold Camping and his campaign have some responsibility in this.  Luckily the children lived through this mess, but the mother and Harold Camping should be locked up for some time.  Brainwashing is extremely powerful, as I have spoken about numerous times, it allows the average person to believe the unbelievable.  I look forward to hear Camping's response to the situation, but at the end of the day, he has won.  I just hope that in the future, society stops him before he goes too far, again.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another Day, Another False Prophet

It seems that self-proclaimed prophet, Harold Camping, was wrong again in predicting the end of the world.  After a multi-million dollar advertising campaign, his followers for the most part are left speechless, and in many cases, financially destroyed.  I wrote a post about this "apocalypse" two weeks ago, explaining that it is NOT a good idea to follow religion so blindly.  And that is exactly what happened with the Harold Camping Scam of 2011.

I call this a scam, but I'm not going be sympathetic with anything this man did.  He created a state of fear and worry, in which many of his followers threw away their lives this past week, because they truly thought the world was ending.  Families moved out of their homes, men and women quit their jobs and gave away their assets... this entire campaign was funded by donations from Camping's followers!  Peoples lives have been ruined, and of course, Camping is no where to be found.  Why do we allow people like him to do this?  In the name of "god," he took peoples hard earned money, created social unrest, and will never have to own up to what he did.  He will not be required to pay these people back the money they gave him, and because so many of these people have such strong faith, they'll continue to follow him - even when he makes his next WILD prediction years down the road. 

Blind faith.  Like the many other false prophets throughout history, blind faith has led thousands to their doom, physically or emotionally.  Does anybody remember Jonestown?  In 1978, over 900 people ended their lives, by ingesting cyanide, in the name of religion and led by a false prophet.  What about the Manson Family?  In the late 1960's, Charlie Manson led a group of criminals on a killing spree in Hollywood.  They followed him, because he brainwashed them into believing he was a savior.  On top of these, there have been hundreds of "end of days" predictions in the past century, many resulting similarly as yesterday - leaving thousands of followers completely broken, mentally and financially. 

So I would like to explain, once again, that it is OKAY to question your faith.  Religion can be very dangerous, with so many possible consequences in believing blindly.  We saw yesterday, families around the world were left with nothing, when the world did not end.  We've seen throughout history, lives destroyed and in many cases physical death as a result.  So, ask questions about your faith.  There is nothing evil about questioning something as powerful as religion.  The only way to get truth in this life is to ask questions, and to challenge the establishment. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

News Flash

The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion. The United States of America should have a foundation free from the influence of clergy.
- George Washington

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trump 2012... oh wait!

Hold on a minute, did I just read correctly that Donald Trump isn't running for president?  It really is a shame.  I really thought he could win...

Okay, you got me.  THANK GOODNESS!  I have to admit, it will be nice not to hear his radical, insane, and irrational thoughts every week on the news, but I am saddened, because this could have been a comedians wet dream.  But if you really thought Donald Trump cared about this country or its people, well I guess that makes you part of the problem.

There is a problem in America, with people using the idea of running for president as merely a name recognition builder, in which they become quite famous and popular for the short time they toy with the country on whether or not to run - making them extreme financial profits.  An even larger problem is the fact that so many Americans support these frauds.  If you think about it, millions of people saw Donald Trump as the answer to America's problems.  Millions of Americans thought Donald Trump, a man who has driven every business he's been a part of into the dirt, could fix this country and make it great once again.  Millions of Americans need their heads examined...

I knew this was a publicity stunt, I think there were a lot of people who knew... so why is this okay?  Why do we allow people like Donald Trump, who is simply using the system to make a few more millions of dollars, to run for president.  It is disgusting.  Republicans have absolutely no problem with what Donald Trump did, which really shows their true colors.  Taking peoples money and support, their hopes and dreams, and running to the bank with no care in the world.  He used the system, and you want to know why its okay?  Because any American can run for president.  As long as you are an American citizen, a certain age, and you live here... you can become president.  Maybe its the "socialist" in me, but I am very against allowing ANYONE to be the leader of 300 million people.  We see this with people like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Donald Trump... complete idiots.  Is it really a good idea to let just anyone run for president?  Look what happened when we elected a "common guy" in George W. Bush - he ran our country into the ground with 2 wars and tax cuts for the top 1%.  There used to be standards, and respect for the office of president.  American government used to mean something, having values and purpose.  Today, its one big shit storm after another.  Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia - just a few states where local and state government is destroying the majority... after citizens elected candidates from the party of "common people."  Has it ever occured to anyone, that the party of common people (Republican Party), has never really done anything for the true common people?

Lower class.  Middle class.  These groups make up the extreme majority in our country, in which the republicans are slowly destroying.  Say goodbye to the middle class pretty soon, because the class gap is growing so quickly, soon it will be non-existent.  I am afraid for the future, if Americans are continuously scammed into voting republican - especially in this day and age.  Let's get this clear, republicans don't give a shit about you, unless you're rich, Christian, male, white, and straight.  The common people in this country are so easily manipulated and controlled, that they will believe anything.  That's what happened in Wisconsin... now those same people lost their workers rights.  The same goes for Michigan and Ohio.  Maybe after these last few months of chaos, Americans can finally get it through their heads that voting republican, is only going to make corporations and rich people become even richer.  And maybe Americans will finally realize, that like Donald Trumps presidential ambitions, the republican party is a complete joke.

OBAMA 2012.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The GOP is Pathetic

I'm going to keep this short, since its my birthday!  The GOP has really shown how pathetic they are, by voicing problems with the rapper, Common, being invited to a poetry reading at the White House.  Hip hop and rap is an art form, expressing the life within lower socioeconomic neighborhoods and cities.  Can it be violent?  Yes.  Can it express distaste for police?  Yes.  But that is a part of the culture.  Young black males, growing up in poor areas, probably deal with extremely racist police, who practice the "watchman" style of policing - being less concerned with due process and rights, on a daily basis.  There is still an extreme cultural gap, where middle to upper class white Americans cannot seem to understand the problems black Americans face all the time. 

This outrage coming from the right-wing nut jobs just goes to show their lack of understanding for the lower class and the black community in general.  They have no connection with art, popular culture, or really anything that doesn't have to do with businessmen, oil, and war.  Republicans will never understand the civil rights ideas and social protest we've seen by men such as Tupac Shakur and groups such as N.W.A. and Public Enemy.  They only see it as evil.  Which is how they see the lower class black community.  Evil. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Misinformed and Unaware

I've really been meaning to discuss media in America, and now I'm finally getting around to it.  Televised news programs are where the majority of our country gets their day to day news, and if not that, they go to those same programs' websites.  Print media is pretty much dead, as technology continues to grow and change, and major news/media has been compromised by corporate America.  So how can we trust the news anymore? 

Over the past 30-40 years, America has grown more and more conservative in the idea that we need corporate deregulation.  Even liberal representatives have supported and allowed for industry/corporations to govern much of the country, and the news media is a part of that.  Every major news company is owned and regulated by a larger corporation, which may or may not allow certain things to be aired on TV.  In a way, Americans are never really getting the full story, because of political bias and corporate ties to the news.  Fox News, CNN, NBC, ABC - all of these are owned by giant companies, where their CEO decides what news the public gets to hear.  I'll go ahead and break down how this all works, because the average American citizen has no idea.

Let's start out with Faux News, and no that's not a typo.  Faux News Channel, the conservative equivalent to CNN, is a 24 hour news channel that is ranked as one of the most watched news channels in the country.  It is known for the extreme conservative bias on all stories and programming, bringing in some very insane people like Bill O'Reilly and Glen Beck to host shows.  But whether or not Faux tends to hire complete morons, they are controlled by a large corporation called News Corporation.  Rupert Murdoch, ranked 117 wealthiest man in the world, is the CEO of News Corp. and one of the most powerful men in America.  Is it really a good idea to have someone like this in charge of what news you get to hear everyday?  Of course Murdoch is known for his ties to wall street, I mean he owns the Wall Street Journal!  So what happens when wall street is responsible for our country's economic collapse and its bankers and CEOs receive massive bonus's and tax breaks?  Well, Faux News is going to paint a very pretty picture, fabricating the truth to make the entire situation seem okay - which is what they do every day, fabricate the truth.

But its not just the conservatives who are in the wrong here.  CNN, a very liberal media, is responsible for political bias as well.  Owned by Time Warner (another large media conglomerate), CNN usually brings a very liberal spin on its stories.  Time Warner runs a large portion of the entertainment industry in America, including Warner Bros Studios, HBO, Time Magazine, etc.  This large company controls the news it allows to be aired on its programming just like News Corp. does with Faux, which allows for the viewer to not get the truth in news.

Now a recent example of this would be with NBC.  NBC, of course, is another liberal news channel.  After the public found out that General Electric, one of America's largest corporations, paid no taxes in 2010 after gaining $14 billion dollars in revenue - NBC remained the only news programming not to cover the story.  Why is that?  Because GE owns NBC.  How can we trust our news programming if large corporations get to dictate, what is acceptable news and what isn't?

Broken down a little more, there are basically 6 corporations that run the ENTIRE entertainment industry, who in turn also run a large portion of America.  News Corporations, Time Warner, Walt Disney Company, Viacom, General Electric, and CBS Corporation - all have divided up the entertainment industry in America across the board.  They own the film companies, the record labels, the TV programming - if you turn on your TV and go through every single channel, chances are that these six companies own 90% of your stations.

On top of entertainment ownership, which is the tip of the iceberg, these corporations have their hands in much more.  They produce, own rights to, or distribute internet capabilities and energy resources, and even have a strong influence in politics.  With six major corporations, comes basically 6 CEOs (some companies have more than others, this is just for example) - which is 6 people to control everything you watch on TV, everything you hear on the radio, and everything you see in a movie theater.  6 people!  Do you really want your entertainment and world knowledge being controlled by 6 people?  I know I don't.  There is a reason we have such a divided nation.  There is a reason we have such a misinformed nation.  The establishment media in our country has been compromised and is merely used to keep Americans asleep, while corporations like these dictate our daily lives. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all of you have a safe and fun Mother's Day, and I'll be back with a new blog post tomorrow about media in the United States and will be discussing which programs, if any, are the most truthful (releasing the most fact without bias).

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Only Judgment Day Is August 29, 1997

As the sun shines bright again, the trees turn green, and the air warms up all I have to say is "finally, it's May."  But if you're driving along a highway in the south, you may come across some warnings that say May isn't such a great month this year.

89 year old radio host and all around nut-job, Harold Camping, has predicted that Judgment Day will be May 21, 2011.  Apparently, at 6pm (I guess Eastern time) there will be a great earthquake, which will be felt around the world.  Jesus will take the "chosen ones" into Heaven, while the rest of us free thinkers will chill on Earth.  After a period of about 5 months, the world will end in a ball of fire.  I'm sorry, but I have to call bullshit on this one.

Now, I'm usually very tolerant of beliefs and ideas, but things like this really aggravate me.  First off, to believe this man's logic, you have to believe the Earth is less than 15, 000 years old, which has been scientifically proven false.  But as I understand it, Camping decided to look through the bible for the last few decades, take some numbers, make a complicated and wacky math problem out of the whole thing, and get rich pretty quickly by developing believers.  How rich, you may ask?  Well, his followers and believers have paid for the entire promotion and spread of this idea, through advertisement and other means, along with donating millions of dollars to him and his cause.

Americans, so blinded by faith, willing to give away their hard earned money to a known con-man.  It's a shame.  Not many people remember back in 1994, when Camping said the same shit.  Well, 1994 came and went, the world never saw Jesus return, and Camping got away with everything - more followers and more money.  Why do we put so much trust and faith in these so-called "messengers of god?"  They are simply people, just like the men who wrote the bible.  It is one big scare tactic to make billions of people submit to discrimination, sexism, racism, and violence.  Even this campaign for May 21st has used extreme propaganda in videos and promotion, to scare the average person (who by the way has a lot of trouble thinking for themselves).

If you viewed the video, you can see that somebody who is weak-minded, would probably be scared to death by this.  So scared that they are willing to give up their rights to live freely, and just believe a random idea without question.  These people all over the country didn't question Camping, because he threw some big numbers at them, and proposed the theory in an educated manner.  Is it such a bad thing to question the validity of a belief?  It is definitely frowned upon these days.  Society doesn't like questions.  Questions make powerful men look bad.  And when powerful men look bad, there is a bigger chance that people realize they are being mislead, which is exactly what is happening throughout America - Americans are being mislead.  

This brings me to my main point.  Question everything.  Challenge everything.  In a world full of corruption, misinformation, greed, and total economic control by the top 1%, it is the responsibility of the common people to question what is true.  Our news is controlled and distributed by the same people who control our oil, and our military, and our government.  Our resources are controlled, and distributed in such a way that the majority of Americans are forced to conform and adjust.  So how can we trust the information that is given to us?  We can't.  We can only question, and search for the truth on our own.  The entire system Americans live under is a game, which has been set up carefully and tactically for the past 50 years.  It's a system that helps the rich become richer and more in control, while eliminating the middle class, and keeping the lower class on its knees.  And the system will never change unless we wake up and unite.

So whether you believe in this judgment day theory, or you believe in the 2012 idea, it doesn't really matter because its all a scam to create a climate of fear.  As for me, the only Judgment Day I care about happened on August 29, 1997 - the day Skynet became self aware, and the war against the machines began.

Monday, May 2, 2011

American Empire

I'm sure many of you woke up this morning to check your facebook accounts, finding thousands of status's about Osama Bin Laden's death.  Yes, it is official, the face of global terrorism has finally been killed.  I'm sure this is a day of much emotion for many across the country, especially for those effected by the events of September 11, 2001.  There has been rejoicing in the streets, unity among our government leaders, and overall celebration... but I think we need to understand that the reality of the situation is that America created the monster.

Now, I don't want to offend anyone, but it's the truth.  America's foreign policy, actions during conflict between Russia and Afghanistan, and global empire (especially stationed in the middle east) has created people like Bin Laden.  Do you really think people commit mass murder for the hell of it?  No.  Muslim extremism is a reaction and revolt to America's actions over the past 40 years, and can even be traced back to global religious war from the crusades.  The fact remains, America created the monster, and when he used us for our supplies and our money, he turned against us.  There is something to be said here about America's foreign policy and empire.

Since WWII, America's priority has been global domination, it's no secret.  We have military presence in every major region of the world right now, which is what we call an empire.  Our control over land and resources has always been justified in the name of freedom, where the only freedom that arises is our leaders' freedom to do whatever they want.  When I talk about leaders in this country, I honestly mean the corporate machine that controls our country's policies.  America hasn't fought for freedom since WWII.  Every conflict and war since the 1950's has been waged and carried out for other people's resources and to make our elites, even richer.  And we expect nobody to resist?  

If you take a look at history, you will find that the Central Intellegence Agency (CIA) financed, supplied military weapons, and fully supported Bin Laden, when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan.  We helped to train Bin Laden's men, gave them plenty of money, and gave them the weapons they needed... Big mistake.

Fast forward to last night.  American special forces find Bin Laden hiding out in a mansion/compound in Pakistan.  I thought Pakistan was our allie.  Truth is, nobody in the middle east is our allie.  The region is overrun with religious extremism, theocracy, and corruption.  You want to know why it took the U.S. 10 years to find Bin Laden?  Money.  As we know, money rules the world.  Only the rich have power, and Bin Laden has a lot of money.  Millions actually.  He hasn't been hiding in caves like a wild animal, which is the assumption America has made over the last decade.

Pakistan knew where he was, as I'm sure numerous other countries did.  I'd go as far to say that the American government had officials who may have had information as well, but like I said, pay offs and corruption have kept Bin Laden safe for decades.

It's even more mind blowing to me that we don't put more blame on former former administrations who had the opportunity to take Bin Laden into custody.  It's obvious the Bin Laden family's ties with American industry and corporations influenced previous presidents to NOT deal with the situation.  Less than two months after 9/11, George W. Bush had an opportunity to capture Bin Laden, when the Taliban offered to turn him in.  When you have a president who doesn't care about the truth, only empire and money, justice cannot be served.  Bush didn't care if Bin Laden planned 9/11, because he convinced our Congress and nation that Iraq was more important.  Our global empire has become nothing more than one corrupt system, where even the most wanted man in the world can buy his way out of anything. 

I guess we will find out in the days ahead, what will happen as a result of Osama's killing.  It's almost certain, there will be blood.  There will be violence.  The death of Osama Bin Laden will not sit well with the middle east, and retaliation is inevitable.  I call on you, the people, to stand up not only against religious extremism, but against the corporate machine that has fueled it.  We must not let these atrocities go, and we must truly unite to fight a war of our own.  Because this is our world, it does not belong to a god, and it does not belong to a CEO.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Long Weekend

I'd like to apologize for my lack of posts lately.  I've been working hard to pay the bills.  New post tomorrow for sure, but for now... watch the hilarious video from The White House Correspondents' Dinner!  Obama's intro, birth video, and total pwnage of Donald Trump is excellent.  Whether you like President Obama or not, he's definitely more qualified than anyone in the GOP right now (Trump, Palin, Romney, etc.)  Check back tomorrow for a new post.  I think I'm going to take weekends off from this blog, and only make it 5 days a week.  Everyone needs a break, right?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Freedom of Choice: Part 2 (Money Is Power)

Yesterday I posted a video of the one and only, George Carlin, speaking about choice in America.  I wanted you to watch the video, in hopes that you would have a day to really sit and think about your life and how much choice you have on a day to day basis.  I wanted you to think about, maybe even research, the fact that America isn't run by the federal government, but by the people who own it.  The public information, that nobody seems to know about, explains it simply... our society is run by corporate America.

Since WWII, America has created a capitalist society like no other, one where corporations and industries run the government, not just the economic structure. Essentially, there are really only a few corporations that control the resources of this country.  In sociology, this is explained through Conflict Theory, the idea that elites control the wealth and the resources, therefore controlling the people.  But that is really what we have in America.  Corporations and groups, that own the "choice" we have to make in our daily lives.  One example is AOL/Time/Warner.  This corporation actually controls and profits from numerous other companies.  They own companies in almost every aspect of a person's daily life (TV, film, music, magazines, comic books, internet, etc.).  Another example is General Electric, one of the wealthiest companies in America, which made $14 billion in profit last year, paying ABSOLUTELY NO TAXES.  On top of this, NBC didn't cover the story about this issue, because NBC is owned by General Electric.  If that isn't power, I don't know what is.

But these companies aren't the only ones.  This is seen all over the place.  It's called corporate synergy.  The idea is that major companies will greatly succeed financially if they merge together.  This creates more wealth for less people (2 companies that originally required 2 CEO's, now only needs 1 CEO) and with more wealth comes more power.  Now these few people have total control over the resources and distribution of resources, probably the greatest power of all.  They control the price of food, the price of gas, the price of water, and they even control the media.  In a society where the number of free thinkers decreases daily, we have corporations controlling the information and news that gets to us.  They decide what we are allowed to hear about, and what should be hidden from us, which is just a way of controlling thought.

Even our financial system has been tainted by this ridiculous system.  Remember the $700 billion the federal government gave to the banks to bail them out?  That's more than we spend on defense every year in our budget!  And why?  So bankers and business thugs can give themselves big bonus's, leaving the poor and middle class to rot.  That my friends, is power.  When you have the United States government in your back pocket, you can get away with anything.  Isn't it interesting, that after one of the worse economic meltdowns in American history, not one single person has seen jail time?  Its been established for quite some time, that wall street and corporate America drove the country into the ground on purpose, as they made as much money as possible - yet not one person went to jail for it.  This is power, greater than any the world as ever known.  These corporate elites control our lives and what we can and can't do.  If they want a law passed, they get it passed (Koch Brothers and Governor Walker in Wisconsin - eliminating worker rights).  If they want money, they get it.  The top 1% of this country owns 80% of the wealth, and the number of poor is growing, while our middle class disappears.

In the end, you have no choice, because most of the time, your "choice" really just feeds the machine that enslaves us all.  For all of my Simpsons fans - you can either choose Kang for president, or Kodos... it doesn't really matter because at the end of the day, you're going to be a slave.  And that is exactly what we are.  

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Freedom of Choice

George Carlin, probably the worlds greatest comedian, really explains this better than anyone could.  There is no choice in America.  I will post more about this tomorrow.  Until then, really sit down and think about your role in society, and whether or not you have a real choice in what you do everyday.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Birther Movement: Last Resort of a Dying Group

Recently in the news, conservatives such as Donald Trump have been making a huge deal about Barack Obama's birth certificate, whether it is legitimate or not.  Trump claims that he has hired a team to research the origins of the president's birth, as if the Democratic Party pulled off the biggest scam in American history.  It's truly amazing to see that there are people who really believe that Obama wasn't born in our country, especially since there is so much evidence to prove he was. 

Let it be known, first and foremost, that Obama's Certificate of Live Birth has been released to the public, and the document has all of the necessary requirements to pass as proof that Barack Obama was born in America.  Whether you think this was forged or not, the document has undergone extensive checks from professionals, who all agree that this document is 100% legitimate and was not forged. 

More proof you say?  Certainly.  On the day Barack Obama was born, his name appeared in the local newspaper, under the area that contained the names of all newborn children that day.  This article is from August 4, 1961 - the date in which Obama was born.  The newspaper exposes that Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.  This evidence was not faked, or sent into the newspaper by his parents.  The hospital, in which Obama was born, submitted this information to the newspaper, so nobody else was involved.  Its extremely unlikely that the hospital falsified the birth records of a random baby in 1961.

Conservatives seem so sure of themselves, with the only evidence on their side being a quote given from Obama's grandmother.  As you may know, it has recently been agreed upon that she misunderstood the translator speaking to her when she made the quote, and meant to say that Obama WAS NOT born in Kenya.  Not much evidence for a party that is so sure about these allegations.

So maybe we should really dig deep for the true reasons this party is clinging so tightly to the issue.  The Tea Party is in quite a bit of trouble in America.  After their leadership passed legislation to destroy unions, teacher's and public worker rights, the so called "party of the common man" is showing horrible approval ratings.  America is finally realizing that this pretend libertarian movement is really just full of shit.  The Tea Party is clinging to this issue because they have nothing left in their arsenal to help them win the 2012 presidential elections.  Donald Trump alone cannot win this election alone.  He is a man that borrowed millions from his family just to shipwreck business after business.  He appears on "reality" TV because he has nothing left to make him worthy of society's respect.  Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman cannot win this election alone.  They are bimbos of the highest regard, making headline after headline from their bumbling nonsense and irrational ideas.  The Tea Party is slowly fading back into the republican party from which it emerged.  In 10 years, it will be no more.  They know it.  We know it.  Which is why they cling to this extreme idea, that the president of the United States has pulled of the greatest con of all time. 

But I will ask one question.  Would Obama's citizenship and origin of birth be questioned if he was white?  I don't think so.  After the recent email that emerged from Marilyn Davenport, a Southern California Tea Party activist and member of the central committee of the Orange County Republican Party, we can truly look at the roots of their suspicions.  Racism... which is entirely new discussion.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Royal Wedding: Event of the Century? Really...

Get ready everyone, the royal wedding of Prince William is Thursday, and there will be live coverage all over the TV!  Give me a fucking break...

In a world that is currently on the brink of collapse, where so many different things are going on at once, why are people so infatuated with the marriage of a pretend prince?  Channels such as TLC are calling this the "event of the century."  Well, I think I might disagree with that statement just a little bit.  Do you mean the last 100 years?  Or do you mean the century of 2000-2100?  Either way, I can think of a few things that are more significant than some wedding that has nothing to do with anyone outside of England; WWI, The Great Depression, WWII, The Civil Rights Movement, The Vietnam War, JFK's assassination, MLK Jr. assassination, the creation of Star Wars, Y2K, first black president, even the creation of the snuggie - these are more important than a royal wedding.

Before I go any further, I would like to explain to people that England's system of King/Queen (royal family) really doesn't matter much anymore.  This isn't medieval times, where the king rules the land.  Today, England's system really doesn't grant the king or queen much special power - the royal family are merely figureheads for the government.

But this global coverage for a single wedding really just shows, especially in America, how people completely idolize the stars of the world.  Our citizens care more about who wins American Idol, than who wins local political elections.  Our citizens care more about who gets voted off of Survivor, than what policies and legislation is being created, voted on, and passed in Congress.  Or what about people like Brittney Spears, Eminem, and Lindsey Lohan?  We care more about their personal lives than our own!  Why are these people role models?  Last I checked they are entertainers, and their personal life has nothing to do with me.  They didn't sign a contract, or any kind of document stating they would be the role models for our youth.  It's not their job!  For decades, Americans have fallen deeper and deeper into this mindset that the "stars" of the world are more important than average people.  Why?  Because they have a good voice?  Because they are talented in a sport or in acting?  Maybe.  I think the real reason is that these stars represent the "American Dream," something that is non-existent for the average American, and extremely unrealistic in this day and age. 

Let's face it, this country is slowly transforming itself day by day.  The middle class is slowly disappearing, and the class gap from lower to upper class is increasing drastically - with more and more people slipping below the poverty line.  I think Americans are living in a fantasy world, where they think that everyone has the same chances to become wealthy.  I was speaking with a conservative friend of mine the other day, and he stated that "everybody in America has an equal opportunity to succeed."  Well, he's obviously wrong, like the majority of republicans, but this is the problem.  Too many people refuse to look at how things really are.  They see a poor neighborhood or homeless person and call them lazy, because they don't have jobs or homes.  If you honestly think that every American has an equal opportunity with equal rights, you are sadly mistaken...

So maybe we should start caring a little more about the things that effect us personally or collectively as a people.  A royal wedding of two people that don't really matter does not constitute global coverage on all major networks.  Stars are meant for entertainment, not for complete obsession.  There's nothing wrong with following a star's life for personal interest, but when it becomes more than that, there is a problem - which is exactly what we have in America.

PS. the only reasonable entertainment to be obsessed with is Star Wars.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Casual Friday: Star Wars

Today is the first Friday of my blog, and I figure that at least one day of the week should be dedicated to something non-political, just laid back - because everyone needs a break.  That day is Friday!  Every Friday from here on out will be "Casual Friday," in which I will write about random things that I enjoy talking about!  So throw on that Rebecca Black song, choose which seat you're going to take, and get ready to have some fun!

As everyone should know, I am a Star Wars fan.  A big Star Wars fan.  And today I would like to talk about the influence of Star Wars on entertainment for the past 30 years.  Whether you like the saga or not, George Lucas and the entire Star Wars universe has single handed shaped the special effects and sci-fi industry that we see today. 

Some people may not know, but everything started with George Lucas in the early 1970's.  In 1971, Lucas created Lucasfilm, the company responsible for every Lucas movie, and inspiration or in connection with a handful of others.  In 1975, Lucas founded Industrial Light & Magic, another company that revolutionized the industry, this time with special effects.  And in 1977, Star Wars was created, a movie that nobody thought would work or become legendary. 

Star Wars really revolutionized the American film industry.  If ask any special effects guy, they can tell you that in the 70's and 80's, no other film was as advanced as Star Wars, and no other film took the industry so far.  From the birth of Star Wars, we've seen 8 total live-action movies - counting The Ewok Adventures, an animated movie, a successful animated series, tons of merchandise, and a whole lot more.  All of that is just under the Star Wars name, but we should take a look at the hundreds of movies that wouldn't be what they were without George Lucas.

I think it's safe to say that George Lucas had a major impact on Steven Spielberg's career, or at least a big connection.  Working together over the years, they created so many amazing films over the past few decades including the Indiana Jones movies.  If you want to move on to other "geeky" films, let's look at the company I mentioned earlier - Industrial Light & Magic.  This company is responsible for and/or influenced the special effects of movies and TV shows such as Alien (1979), Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982), Battlestar Galactica (1978), Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993), Jurassic Park (1993), Starship Troopers (1997), Saving Private Ryan (1998), and much more.

Through this company, we see the birth of Pixar, put on the map by the famous Toy Story movies.  Other companies to become greatly influenced in their creations are Sony Pictures Imageworks, which worked on Spiderman 2 (2004).

As mentioned before, Industrial Light & Sound is responsible for Terminator 2: Judgement Day.  This movie being my favorite by James Cameron, really furthered his career as a director, writer, and producer in the film industry.  It is definitely safe to say that Star Wars had a big role to play in this career.

Another successful business created from George Lucas would be Skywalker Sound, which started THX sound (you may see the large THX symbol before many movies start).  This sound company has become very great over the years, doing the sound for movies like Fight Club (1999) and Finding Nemo (2003). 

To conclude the post for this day, I would ask you to really research the Star Wars universe that has created a world of wonders and innovation.  If you enjoy movies, figure out how we've come so far in such a short period of time.  George Lucas changed the film industry, arguably more than any other person has in history.  For that, I think he deserves a little bit of our time.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tea Party: "We Only Want Big Government When It's Convenient For Us"

In the last week or so, America has seen quite a bit of severe weather and natural disasters such as tornadoes, thunderstorms, and wild fires.  All across the south, we've seen death and destruction, and so many homes and communities destroyed.  It's unfortunate and it really makes you appreciate everything you have.  That being said, I do find it interesting that the republican governor, Rick Perry, is asking the federal government for help.  Just days ago, wasn't he rallying fellow tea partiers, in a mob that yelled "secede! secede!?"  I thought the tea party made it clear that they wanted to secede from the union, like it was 1861 again.  But I guess when they get into trouble, big government is a good idea..  Problem with that logic?  Very much so.

Honestly, the tea party never ceases to amaze me.  It seems that week after week, their message just gets diluted and it really just goes back to the same old conservative/republican crap - big government/"socialism" is okay when it's convenient for them.  I put the word socialism in quotations because 90% of the people who use that word like its evil or something, don't really know what it means.  They just know it's "really bad," and Karl Marx had something to do with it.  Either way, republicans always go back to this double standard, where they convince their followers to hate the government, but praise it when they get into trouble.  They kick and scream, painting Obama with the socialist brush, when he's done more to please the conservatives in this country than any liberal president should.  They take a stance so far on the right, that when Obama tries to meet them half way, he's really standing on right wing ground. 

I'm sure plenty of people remember the $700 billion bank bailouts.  I remember when republicans were asking their federal government for help so that these banks wouldn't fail, and took the money with no regrets.  Well, sorry to say folks, that's socialism.  That is what we call big government.  And apparently in a conservative's mind - big government is wonderful, when it's helping the rich get richer, and helping the poor get poorer.  The good old conservative double standard.

What about no child left behind?  A conservative movement to standardize our public education system.  A big government initiative.  That seemed okay when George W. Bush's administration created it in 2001.  Where was the conservative outcry against big government then?  I don't remember states threatening to leave the union.

I would also like to mention the Patriot Act, which I know has been extended thanks to Barack Obama, but it was a conservative initiative to fight "terrorism."  Once again, I put this word in quotes too because the entire idea of terrorism in this country has really become one big scare tactic to make people give up their rights one by one, in hopes that they won't get blown up (just look at the new airport security measures).  But the Patriot Act is one of the largest forms of big government that has been passed into law by conservatives, but only because it's convenient for them.  They claimed it was to make fighting terrorism easier and more efficient, when in reality they succeeded in taking away every American's right to privacy, whether it be on the phone, internet, etc.  I never saw one conservative protest to this law, and no state threatened to leave the union over it.

Now, I could go on and on about tea party/republican double standards - especially when it comes to abortions and gay marriage, where they believe BIG GOVERNMENT should control women and gay people's lives... but this post is already making its point.  If the tea party wants federal aid in Texas, or any other disaster area after a tragedy like last week, tough shit.  I know that sounds very mean, but somebody needs to say it.  This really just shows how greedy and selfish the conservative movement in this country has become.  They don't mind when the government helps them, it just can't help anybody else.  So I say let these towns and communities in Texas solve the problem on their own.  Maybe their neighbors can help them rebuild their destroyed homes.  Maybe their fellow tea party members can put out the fires that have ravished the landscape of the south.

Keep praying for rain Mr. Rick Perry, because you don't deserve the federal government's help.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Columbine Massacre: More Important Than Your Ridiculous Weed Holiday

I'd like to start this post off saying that a "holiday" for smoking marijuana is completely ridiculous.  Get off your couch, wipe the chips off of your shirt, and celebrate something that actually matters - which is the point of a holiday.  Your drug habit doesn't matter.

Today is April 20th, marking the anniversary of a historic, yet tragic day in American history... The Columbine High School massacre.  When only occurring 12 years ago, there is a handful of Americans who've really just chosen to forget about that day, when 2 students executed numerous classmates, teachers, and injured a handful more.  It seems that now, with so many incidents on the news about teenage suicide because of bullying, we'd really try to keep Columbine in mind.  What makes teenagers do this?  These things have happened plenty of times, maybe not covered on TV as much because of other issues (race, social class of the school, etc.), but they do happen.  Well, there are a number of factors, and violent music, movies, and video games have NOTHING to do with it.

High school can be one of the hardest times in a person's life.  And a large reason comes from bullying.  It's in our nature to hate what is different.  We thrive on making others feel lower than us.  And even when so many lives have been lost due to bullying, society doesn't seem to care.  We throw it on CNN for a week, its forgotten quickly, and then we go back to watching our "reality" TV.  Parents don't seem to care and neither do teachers, until a student chooses to fight back, which is essentially what happened on April 20th, 1999.  If you've ever been bullied in your life, you know as well as I do that you would love nothing more than to fight back.  You would love nothing more than to be in control for once.  I am in NO WAY saying that what they did was right, because it was not...  What I'm saying is "what did you expect to happen?"  

I'll also ask, "where were the parents?"  When these students showed extreme signs of anger and violence in their personal lives, where were their parents?  People don't just snap, with no prior sign of possible problems.  These 2 killers showed many signs, in which one could easily see that they were troubled.  Maybe it's because this was a middle class town, that nobody wanted to blame the parents because they are so innocent.  Maybe nobody wants to admit that middle class families have just as many issues in the home as lower class families.  It seems that this entire incident was painted with a conservative brush, making the case that entertainment was the problem.  Maybe their game playing or heavy metal music was an outlet, or an escape.  I'm sure they probably listened to these musicians to try and cope or connect with somebody, considering they couldn't relate to peers.  

But this music, these games did not make them buy the guns, it did not tell them to massacre a school.  Society did.  And that is the point of this post.  Society created these killers.  The American culture is extremely violent and greedy, almost always fighting a war or being involved in some kind of conflict.  We admire the jock, and make fun of the geek.  We glorify masculinity, and make fun of intellect.  Why?  Well, that is really just the culture of America.  We've passed our days as a global leader.  We've passed our days as a nation of prosperity and design, a country of invention.  Today, people just don't give a shit.  

I really hope that in the near future, people begin to give a shit.  Columbine can be a representation of current and future global conflicts.  America has bullied the Middle East for decades, yet we are so extremely shocked when they attack us on September 11th, 2001.  I really want to make it clear, that I AM NOT saying it was okay or agreeing with terrorism, but when you really look at it, they are similar incidents.  We drop bombs... bullies drop punches.  We invade land, create an empire, and control territory... bullies do the same with a school. 

I write this post as a child of the world... I write this post with hopes that America will one day return to its days of glory, where we weren't a global bully, but a global leader.  Maybe when we stop being assholes to everyone else, our citizens will stop being assholes to each other. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Religious State

Growing up in a middle class neighborhood, with working class parents, I began my early years buying into the typical American belief structure.  In Sunday school we learned about “God” and how much he loves us and how he is always around us, but if we’re bad, he gets mad and we could go to “hell” for certain offenses if we didn’t ask for forgiveness.  There was no questioning god at age 6, because our minds were molded so firmly to the ancient belief structure built around Jesus Christ.  There was no choice, or availability of options in choosing what to believe.  While I grew up, there was god, and nothing else.  And there in lies the problem. 
America has truly become a religious state, with Jesus Christ leading the nation down a path that was never voted upon, or even thought about by our founding fathers.  Obviously Christianity has always dominated politics, which is inevitable considering this country was founded by predominantly Christian settlers.  The problem is that voters in this day and age, look at a candidate's religion, over their political ideals or experience.  To be an American politician, overall, you must be Christian.  While there are other politicians who come from other religious backgrounds, they are an extreme minority.  With the direction this country is headed, I doubt we will EVER see an atheist president or even a Muslim president.  What about a Jewish president?  This country is so obsessed with their leaders believing in the Christian version of god, that no other religious representatives will have a chance to lead.  
Atheists in this country are usually painted as evil, socialist, mislead, or all of the above.  At what point does somebody's religion have to do with their leadership skills?  I have many of the same morals as Christians, I just don't believe in a god.  But America will never see an atheist leader, maybe in local government, but never anything large enough to truly matter.  Atheists/Agnostics/Non-religious citizens make up a very large minority in this country -  about 15%, which is more than African Americans.  Why can't those 15% be represented equally?  Because America doesn't want non-believers in office, for fear that they will transform this "great" nation into some evil empire of hate and reform.  Once again, America is full of shit.
I have a wonderful idea.  Voters should focus on the policies, the political ideas, that their candidate is campaigning.  Voters should have some intellectual curiosity, and care more about how their candidate will lead the country socially and economically, instead of whether they believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.  Trust me, your religious freedoms are in no more jeopardy by electing an atheist representative over a religious representative, because I promise you that the majority of atheists in this country have many of the same morals and values as Christians.
As an advocate of freedom, I completely understand that voting is a right, BUT it is also a responsibility.  It is the responsibility to all who choose to participate in voting, to make educated and logical decisions based on their political views and how they want their political views represented.  Don't vote for George W. Bush because he's extremely religious and don't vote for Barack Obama because he's black.  And please do not vote for Donald Trump because you think he's intellegent... because he really isn't.