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My name is Jonathan, and I am a 24 year old sociology student from Chicago, IL. This blog will be discussing politics to every extreme, and covering many other topics including race, religion, and all social issues that are happening right now. Well known by my friends and foes, I am very liberal and an atheist. This blog serves as a resistance to the enslavement of our generation. Does anyone have the heart to stand with me?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The GOP is Pathetic

I'm going to keep this short, since its my birthday!  The GOP has really shown how pathetic they are, by voicing problems with the rapper, Common, being invited to a poetry reading at the White House.  Hip hop and rap is an art form, expressing the life within lower socioeconomic neighborhoods and cities.  Can it be violent?  Yes.  Can it express distaste for police?  Yes.  But that is a part of the culture.  Young black males, growing up in poor areas, probably deal with extremely racist police, who practice the "watchman" style of policing - being less concerned with due process and rights, on a daily basis.  There is still an extreme cultural gap, where middle to upper class white Americans cannot seem to understand the problems black Americans face all the time. 

This outrage coming from the right-wing nut jobs just goes to show their lack of understanding for the lower class and the black community in general.  They have no connection with art, popular culture, or really anything that doesn't have to do with businessmen, oil, and war.  Republicans will never understand the civil rights ideas and social protest we've seen by men such as Tupac Shakur and groups such as N.W.A. and Public Enemy.  They only see it as evil.  Which is how they see the lower class black community.  Evil. 

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