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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Only Judgment Day Is August 29, 1997

As the sun shines bright again, the trees turn green, and the air warms up all I have to say is "finally, it's May."  But if you're driving along a highway in the south, you may come across some warnings that say May isn't such a great month this year.

89 year old radio host and all around nut-job, Harold Camping, has predicted that Judgment Day will be May 21, 2011.  Apparently, at 6pm (I guess Eastern time) there will be a great earthquake, which will be felt around the world.  Jesus will take the "chosen ones" into Heaven, while the rest of us free thinkers will chill on Earth.  After a period of about 5 months, the world will end in a ball of fire.  I'm sorry, but I have to call bullshit on this one.

Now, I'm usually very tolerant of beliefs and ideas, but things like this really aggravate me.  First off, to believe this man's logic, you have to believe the Earth is less than 15, 000 years old, which has been scientifically proven false.  But as I understand it, Camping decided to look through the bible for the last few decades, take some numbers, make a complicated and wacky math problem out of the whole thing, and get rich pretty quickly by developing believers.  How rich, you may ask?  Well, his followers and believers have paid for the entire promotion and spread of this idea, through advertisement and other means, along with donating millions of dollars to him and his cause.

Americans, so blinded by faith, willing to give away their hard earned money to a known con-man.  It's a shame.  Not many people remember back in 1994, when Camping said the same shit.  Well, 1994 came and went, the world never saw Jesus return, and Camping got away with everything - more followers and more money.  Why do we put so much trust and faith in these so-called "messengers of god?"  They are simply people, just like the men who wrote the bible.  It is one big scare tactic to make billions of people submit to discrimination, sexism, racism, and violence.  Even this campaign for May 21st has used extreme propaganda in videos and promotion, to scare the average person (who by the way has a lot of trouble thinking for themselves).

If you viewed the video, you can see that somebody who is weak-minded, would probably be scared to death by this.  So scared that they are willing to give up their rights to live freely, and just believe a random idea without question.  These people all over the country didn't question Camping, because he threw some big numbers at them, and proposed the theory in an educated manner.  Is it such a bad thing to question the validity of a belief?  It is definitely frowned upon these days.  Society doesn't like questions.  Questions make powerful men look bad.  And when powerful men look bad, there is a bigger chance that people realize they are being mislead, which is exactly what is happening throughout America - Americans are being mislead.  

This brings me to my main point.  Question everything.  Challenge everything.  In a world full of corruption, misinformation, greed, and total economic control by the top 1%, it is the responsibility of the common people to question what is true.  Our news is controlled and distributed by the same people who control our oil, and our military, and our government.  Our resources are controlled, and distributed in such a way that the majority of Americans are forced to conform and adjust.  So how can we trust the information that is given to us?  We can't.  We can only question, and search for the truth on our own.  The entire system Americans live under is a game, which has been set up carefully and tactically for the past 50 years.  It's a system that helps the rich become richer and more in control, while eliminating the middle class, and keeping the lower class on its knees.  And the system will never change unless we wake up and unite.

So whether you believe in this judgment day theory, or you believe in the 2012 idea, it doesn't really matter because its all a scam to create a climate of fear.  As for me, the only Judgment Day I care about happened on August 29, 1997 - the day Skynet became self aware, and the war against the machines began.