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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trump 2012... oh wait!

Hold on a minute, did I just read correctly that Donald Trump isn't running for president?  It really is a shame.  I really thought he could win...

Okay, you got me.  THANK GOODNESS!  I have to admit, it will be nice not to hear his radical, insane, and irrational thoughts every week on the news, but I am saddened, because this could have been a comedians wet dream.  But if you really thought Donald Trump cared about this country or its people, well I guess that makes you part of the problem.

There is a problem in America, with people using the idea of running for president as merely a name recognition builder, in which they become quite famous and popular for the short time they toy with the country on whether or not to run - making them extreme financial profits.  An even larger problem is the fact that so many Americans support these frauds.  If you think about it, millions of people saw Donald Trump as the answer to America's problems.  Millions of Americans thought Donald Trump, a man who has driven every business he's been a part of into the dirt, could fix this country and make it great once again.  Millions of Americans need their heads examined...

I knew this was a publicity stunt, I think there were a lot of people who knew... so why is this okay?  Why do we allow people like Donald Trump, who is simply using the system to make a few more millions of dollars, to run for president.  It is disgusting.  Republicans have absolutely no problem with what Donald Trump did, which really shows their true colors.  Taking peoples money and support, their hopes and dreams, and running to the bank with no care in the world.  He used the system, and you want to know why its okay?  Because any American can run for president.  As long as you are an American citizen, a certain age, and you live here... you can become president.  Maybe its the "socialist" in me, but I am very against allowing ANYONE to be the leader of 300 million people.  We see this with people like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Donald Trump... complete idiots.  Is it really a good idea to let just anyone run for president?  Look what happened when we elected a "common guy" in George W. Bush - he ran our country into the ground with 2 wars and tax cuts for the top 1%.  There used to be standards, and respect for the office of president.  American government used to mean something, having values and purpose.  Today, its one big shit storm after another.  Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia - just a few states where local and state government is destroying the majority... after citizens elected candidates from the party of "common people."  Has it ever occured to anyone, that the party of common people (Republican Party), has never really done anything for the true common people?

Lower class.  Middle class.  These groups make up the extreme majority in our country, in which the republicans are slowly destroying.  Say goodbye to the middle class pretty soon, because the class gap is growing so quickly, soon it will be non-existent.  I am afraid for the future, if Americans are continuously scammed into voting republican - especially in this day and age.  Let's get this clear, republicans don't give a shit about you, unless you're rich, Christian, male, white, and straight.  The common people in this country are so easily manipulated and controlled, that they will believe anything.  That's what happened in Wisconsin... now those same people lost their workers rights.  The same goes for Michigan and Ohio.  Maybe after these last few months of chaos, Americans can finally get it through their heads that voting republican, is only going to make corporations and rich people become even richer.  And maybe Americans will finally realize, that like Donald Trumps presidential ambitions, the republican party is a complete joke.

OBAMA 2012.

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